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Astrology services Bangalore Hyderabad

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Astrology services Bangalore Hyderabad

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Astrology services Bangalore Hyderabad

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Dr. Shefali


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Horoscope Matching

It is very important to know that your would-be partner is truly the one made for you. Our traditional method of match-making still holds strong. This helps reveal the suitability of the match and pinpoint any signs of discrepancy or issues that may exist.




Numerology interprets future, human behavior, predict the outcome of a relationship, good times, lucky days, etc by figuring out the number of a person and affect of them on the person. These numbers are further correlated with everything to answer various questions.



Palmistry is the astrology of reading a person’s palm. Also known as palm reading, in this practice of fortune-telling the reader interprets the major and minor lines on an individual’s palm to tell about the person and predict the future. This is most useful when correct birth details are not available.


Prashna Astrology

In Hindi, Prashna means “question” hence Prashna Astrology literally means astrology of a question. In this system, a horoscope of the question is created using data and time of asking. This horoscope is then used to predict and guide people as per the need.


Progeny Astrology

Progeny Astrology deals with the fertility of couples that is the prospects of a couple for parenthood. This helps in pinpointing the details of your parenthood such as suitable time etc. Progeny Astrology can also be used to figure out any difficulties for parenthood and help with suitable remedies.


Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is the Indian form of astrology also known as Indian or Hindu Astrology. It’s based on the Vedic texts written by grate sages and is regarded as the eyes of Vedas. It’s based on movements of planets and lunar movements to predict the future.

About Dr. Shefali

In Vedic Astrology, I have learned Ph.D. Until I eventually graduated from the University of Astrology, obtained a bachelor's degree in Astrology, a M Read More

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