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Astrology services Bangalore Hyderabad

1. Search Based

Astromata provides you with appropriate  and with exact service based results which you can choose accordingly and meet your requirements.

Astrology services Bangalore Hyderabad

2. Services Based

The type of services and city chosen will give you with the exact services you may avail with their details and their respective features.

Astrology services Bangalore Hyderabad

3. Requirement Based

Once you choose the service you need to fill the enquiry form our customer care will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Deepshikha Mishra

  • Horoscope Matching | KP Astrology | Numerology | Palmistry | Progeny Astrology | Vastu | Vedic Astrology | Western Astrology

Deepshikha Mishra - Astrologer & Co-Founder of Astromata, (CyberLawyer by profession) not only considers Astrology as a scientific subject but Read More

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Kathryn S

  • Corporate Astrology | Horoscope Matching | Numerology | Tarot Card Reading | Western Astrology

I am a professional astrologer with a master's degree in Psychology, in practice over 30 years and certified through the American Federation of Astrol Read More

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Astro Swati

  • Mystic Healer | Psychic Reading | Tarot Card Reading

I have been practicing spirituality and meditation for the last 25 years. And I completely believe that it is the only treasure of life. I have experi Read More

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Dr. Shefali

  • Horoscope Matching | Numerology | Palmistry | Prashna Astrology | Progeny Astrology | Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, I have learned Ph.D. Until I eventually graduated from the University of Astrology, obtained a bachelor's degree in Astrology, a M Read More

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Acharya Raghavendra

  • Numerology | Vedic Astrology

Acharya Raghavendra is a spiritual and management guru from Saharanpur (UP) India. He holds an MBA degree in international business from the Universit Read More

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Dr. Ajai Bhambi

  • Vedic Astrology

Dr. Ajai Bhambi is a big name in the field of astrology who commands wide respect and is known all over the world for his in-depth knowledge and pr Read More

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Dr. Pooja Bhatia

  • Gemmology | Numerology | Tarot Card Reading | Vedic Astrology | Western Astrology

Dr. Pooja renowned Celebrity & Gold medalist Astrologer from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Tarot reader, and Life counselor. She has more than 11 years o Read More

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Mayank Sharma

  • Horoscope Matching | KP Astrology | Numerology | Prashna Astrology | Vastu | Vedic Astrology

The Very Famous Vedic online Astrologer Pt. Mayank Sharma facilitates Indians living in countries other than India giving Astrology services across th Read More

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