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God’s Best Creation Women

Women are considered the best creation of God. She was created at par with her counterpart. But due to patriarchy and many such social systems, she always has to face unequal treatment.  Her position in society has declined further, as she is merely considered as a subordinate and slave. The situation is becoming worse minute by minute. Even if she tries to break the societal norms and goes beyond them, she then faces discrimination by all. Be it any war or any sort of calamity, the women has to face the brunt of it.

Strength equal to Women:

Be it Hindu Mythology or Western Philosophy women have been depicted as the representative of power. Women are considered physically weak as compared to men, but she is mentally and spiritually stronger than the opposite sex. Power is a synonym of women because of the innate ability of women to create and give birth to a new life.

Women in Indian Mythology:

Energy or Shakti that has created the entire universe has been seen to be portrayed in the form of women. There have been examples, where women have been seen fighting wars there have been warrior princess, / queens that have lead armies and fought battles, honorable amongst them are,

Kaikeyi, who lead and fought war with her husband King Dashrath, saved his life and in return got a boon that he would fulfill her three wishes, Draupadi the Queen of Indraprastha also lead and fought wars.

Sita was also powerful and had Strength that was the sole reason for the destruction of the evil king Ravana.

Maa kali though created by Shiva slew her enemies by her wrath.

Women In Western Philosophy:

For example like Cleopatra was the last and active ruler of the ancient kingdom of Egypt who was survived by her son after the Pharaoh expired. It was after her rule and reign that Egypt became a part of the Roman Empire. She is also considered as the reincarnation of Egyptian Goddess Isis.

One such woman was Nefertiti, who was the also an Egyptian queen and consort of Akhenaten, credited to bring about religious revolution, of worshipping one God only Aten- or the sun disc.

Hypatia: She was the first Mathematician, Philosopher, and Astronomer, in Ancient Egypt that became a part of the Roman Empire. At the time when philosophy and mathematics and astronomy were the fields that were mainly thought and taught by men, she broke all the bondages and became one of the best in her field at  350- 370 BC.

Inheritance of loss:

There was a time in India when women and girls lost their lives for just being themselves. This was known as female infanticide.

Female infanticide at one point of time even became the cultural practice so much so that I was even started being advocated as a thought. The infanticide in India has a long history that almost spans centuries. The reasons for the same are the preference of male child poverty, dowry system, bride burning, deformed childbirth, etc.

This lead to acute shortage of women all over India, the sex- ratio started to not only decline but at the same time failed to achieve the required amount of ratio for balance

Changing Scenario:

The Situation has changed now, but not drastically. People are changing their view; families are now interested and willing to give birth to more and more girls. One of the reasons for change is that there are government policies favoring girl and girl child. Another reason is that there is a change in perception and society is also changing. Women have also become athletes, astronauts, lawyers IAS officers and made their country and family proud.

A day dedicated to womanhood:

Over the years, the UN and its technical agencies have been working towards the goal of“participation of women as equal partners with men in achieving sustainable development, peace, security, and full respect for Human Rights”.  Women Empowerment continues to be the central feature of the UN’s determination, in order to address social economic and Political Changes across the world. Its prime focus has been to uplift the women’s status in the societies of the 3rd world, or developing countries.

International women’s day is a day to celebrate womanhood, all across the world, which celebrates women’s achievement in Political Social and economic Fields, at the same time calling for Gender equality.

Hence United Nations declared that every 8th of March is the International day for women called women’s day. Every year is a different theme.


Astrology Connection with Women on women’s day :

Zodiac Signs and their women:


You are strong and independent and make your own path to find the way. You will never stop until you reach your destination.  They are a leader in making. You are quick decision-makers and don’t accept anyone’s comment on their decision. This women’s day just be yourself and lead for a change.


A Taurus woman is known for her will power. They have the ability to give hope, but when things get out of hand, they take charge like a bull and then no problem can stand in their way. They are skilled in making less money to go a long way. And are good homemakers, they are revered for their loyalty and determination as well. On this International women’s day just come out of your shell and let go of all your problems. Catch the bull by its horn.


Gemini women pre-plan a situation before reacting to it. They always seek new ideas and situations, which are never-ending and gets stimulated to take action. At times in search of something new they always lose their tracks. Hence on this International Women’s Day, it would be advised to look for new things but also to keep a track of your roots., as these will enable you to realize where you came from.


Cancerian women are true family lovers. Expressive of their love and emotions towards all, If neglected the Cancerian women given in to silence and takes a lot of time to come out of their darkness. They are mainly seen living in their fantasy world. They make good orators and teachers. On this women’s day don’t just confine your self to your home, but come out in open. Hence, use your oratory skills to influence the change you want to be.


Leo women are a representative of Magnificence and splendor. They are inclined towards the understanding of sympathy, and motivation. They by nature are leaders, and they always want to lead their subordinates. On this women’s day, Come out and lead the march. Thus, become the center of Attention with the women movement.


They are very sympathetic in their Approach, carry out intensive researches, about merits and demerits and move ahead. They are by nature sharp, intense, brilliant and loaded with skills. Similarly, on this Women’s day, use your analytical abilities to create a new revolutionary ideas. Thus, use your talents to create something new.


The Libra women are skill full tactful and loving while dealing with others and their own. They are a perfect example of being involved in social activities. This international Women’s Day, it is Advised that that show your love to those who are in need of it, be as involved as you can be in any social cause of your choice.


Scorpion women, they cannot be always known as they are an enigma or a mystery, They are very secretive and to get out any information from them is tough. And they can influence others magnetically and if they fall, they come back with strength and refinement. Hence, on this Women’s day become a mystery pertaining to the cause of empowering women. Influence others with your skills.

Sagittarius :

A Sagittarius woman by birth is very audacious and active. They always keep something new to widen their scope. And are filled with passion to fulfill their search for a dream. This International women’s day be audacious in learning something new about your gender. Thus, Create such opportunities that help you in realizing this dream.


They are career-oriented, hardworking and extremely cautious about their present and future. They are very cordial in the relationship and hence others help them to climb upstairs without any favors. Here we advise you that on Women’s day use your this talent and make a revolution that helps others.


Aquarius born are not influenced by the ideas of the other people, they, like to do and see things on their own. They are visionaries and would want others to follow their paths. Similarly, this International women’s day we say that create your own path and make others follow. As a visionary, make something new for the people of your gender to be remembered.


These women are the epitome of Enlightenment and Wisdom, they are helpful in nature and even help their enemies. So on the Occasion of women’s day, become the wisdom and intellect for other women as well, help all in raising their goals.

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