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The Sun, Moon & Your Astrological Identity

When we think “zodiac,” we usually only consider our “Sun Sign.” This is definitely a major facet in your astrological makeup and whichever sign the Sun was in at your time of birth is the easiest to discover. However, it is important to remember that your Sun Sign is only one part of your horoscope, and your astrological identity.


Your “horoscope” is a blueprint of your personality and character indicated by the exact position of the Sun, the Moon and the eight planets of our solar system based on the date, time and location of your birth. If you choose to have a personal astrological reading, your astrologer will interpret and synthesize your natal birth chart so you can use your unique blueprint as a handy tool-guide. Essentially, astrology offers useful indications, pointers and insights into your personality, in addition to “forecasting” conditions you may come across in your life. Astrology will never tell you exactly who you are or what you should do, but by understanding the how the heavenly bodies above correspond with your life, you are in a better position to decide, for yourself, how to react and respond below on earth.


The “body and soul” of the horoscope are the Sun and Moon, while the “antennae and arms” are the eight other planets in our Solar System. Thus, all planetary vibrations must be considered in light of the Sun and Moon, for together, this is your character and your basic nature that the other heavenly bodies enhance or modify. Indeed, these planets can have profound influences on your life, but they will never cause you to act counter to the combined influence of Solar-Lunar makeup.


The Sun, in many ways, is the dominant force in your horoscope and your life. Like its vibrant rays shining down upon us, your “Sun Sign” indicates your appearance before the world and the psychological biases that dominate your actions. The Sun’s position by sign determines what motives and urges govern your life. When discovering the signs of Moon and the other eight planets, one must always keep in mind the basic influence of the Sun, insofar as these other influences play a visible role in your life. The Sun is what you are, and to be your “best self” in terms of your Sun is to have your own energy work along the path in which they receive maximum help from the other planetary vibrations in your horoscope.


Your Moon sign, on the other hand, illustrates the desires of your heart and inner world. What you “feel,” your moods, and whether or not you can easily express this in our physical world is a product of the Moon’s position during your birth. In other words, the Moon’s position by sign reflects your subconscious mind and your emotional biases – how you express your feelings. Moreover, the Moon influences how we assimilate the outer world and where one is. This area of your chart illustrates your emotional changeability and how to best handle the stepping-stones you will come across in your life.


[To calculate your moon sign, you will need your birth time and location – if you do not know your exact birth time – you can still figure out your Moon Sign, though it would be best to find out a general time during the day your were born, since the Moon goes through all twelve zodiac signs within a 28 day period. I like this website for calculating your Moon Sign. However, I like to use Café Astrology’s interpretation of the Moon in the Signs.]


Ultimately, the Sun and Moon together form a team. The Moon has a critical bearing on your personality and temperament, explaining how one emotionally handles the characteristics and traits indicated by your Sun Sign. The Sun’s vitality is equally important Moon’s governance over your life. The Moon’s position modulates the Sun, and for some people, they may express more Moon Sign qualities than that of their Sun Sign. Ultimately though, by understanding the combined energy of the Sun and Moon, you can gain a richer and fuller sense of who you are and how you can best handle what is yet to come.

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