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Novel Corona Virus and Vulnerable Signs

With the Novel Coronavirus taking a toll over humanity, every human is under threat. This is a necessary step for all of us, however, natives of these three zodiac signs ( Cancer, Virgo and Pisces) need to take extra care as their immunity is lower than others in general. We are all vulnerable. It’s very important to stay indoors as it is the only way we can stop the outrageous growth of Covid-19. Meanwhile, another thing to take care of is our immunity. A strong immune system can help us recover soon and save our life in case we get infected. 


Cancerians are the most nurturing zodiac. Nurturing is a mother-like trait, and as mothers always put children first so does cancer. Taking a lot of burden on yourself takes a toll on your health. Your digestive system is most likely to be affected. The digestive system is the nurturer of our health. Our entire system depends on food and nutrition which is taken care of by our digestive system. Your caring nature also ends up with lots of worries in your head which wreaks havoc on your health. Steamed vegetables, fiber-rich food, and fresh fruits will help you soothe your digestive tract and keep it healthy



Virgo is one of the zodiacs who are most concerned about the balance in their diet, extremely methodical about their greens and even working out. Puzzled why you are still on the top of this list? We understand. The problem lies with your constantly buzzing mind. Pushing yourself to the extreme limits is your natural inclination. You put yourself even on the brink of exhaustion even when the situation doesn’t need that much of your attention. Our mind and body are interlinked and always work in harmony. Both need to be healthy to keep others so. We suggest you take it slow, one situation at a time, one task at a time, one day at a time. Everyone loves perfection and you love that the most but remember whatever and wherever you are it is also good enough.



Making this list hasn’t really surprised you, isn’t it? You often tend to be pushed around by others due to your selfless and empathetic nature. It’s very important to keep our own self first to stay healthy. You often let your health hamper for keeping other’s needs above you. Absorbing toxic and negative energies from your surroundings is a natural trait that leads to compromising your immune system. Prioritizing yourself and your health above others is the only way you need to use in your journey of improving immunity.


This does not mean that other zodiacs can go careless about their health. Everyone needs to take care of yourself and your family. Social distancing is the only thing we have to do. Stay home. Stay safe. May lord bless you with safety and health.

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