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Difference Between Sun Sign and Moon Sign

Sun Sign or Moon Sign? Which one to follow? What’s the difference? Confused between the different signs used in astrology? If you are among the people who have such confusion than this article is for you. You’ll get both Sun Sign and Moon Sign to determine the traits of an individual. Both are the fundamental elements of astrology.


Sun Sign

It is determined by the date of birth and month. It is the zodiac sign that takes into consideration the position of the sun during the time of birth. It is the sign that is shared by the people born in the same month who share the same zodiac sign. It takes a month for the Sun to change its position. So this is the reason why the people born in the time of say 22nd June to 22nd July all have the sun sign of cancer. Each of these signs has a ruling planet, hence the characteristics of the person are endowed upon them. For example Aries: the ruling planet of Aries is Mars. Hence the traits of people born under this sign are that they have strong and sharp features, they are open-minded, courageous, etc.



Moon Sign

 It is also determined by birth. But this is more accurate as it takes into consideration the actual time of birth. It depends on the position of the moon at the time of birth. And to be even more precise the time of the movement of the celestial bodies and stars is taken while preparing the horoscope of the individual. Since the moon takes about 2 and a half days to change its position it is better and easy to determine the Kundli or the time of the birth of the person.

Point of difference in Sun Sign Moon Sign:

The other differences between the Sun Sign and Moon Sign are as follows;

1) Sun sign is used in western astrology

2) It is fairly new.

3) Whereas moon sign has been a part of the Vedic astrology

4) the Vedic astrology is one of the oldest astrology in existence.


Sun Sign: It is mainly and primarily based on the date and month of birth, whereas
Moon Sign: it is based on three things- time, place and date of birth.

Sun Sign: Sun takes around 12 months to travel through 12 zodiac signs, whereas
Moon Sign: Movement of moon is faster and is based on its rotation that completes every 2-½ days.

Sun Sign: This sign deals mainly with the predictions of personality and characteristics of a person, whereas
Moon Sign: It mainly deals with the emotional and sensitive side of a person, since Moon governs the mind and emotions.

Sun Sign: People with same sun sign may have the same characteristics and traits, whereas
Moon Sign: It is possible that two people with the same moon sign can have different personalities and characteristics.

Sun Sign: The zodiac predictions are mostly generic, whereas
Moon Sign: The predictions are accurate and precise.

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